What Sales Training Providers Can Do For You

By Lucy Crossfield | Editor | Updated: 10 May 2017

No matter what the experience of the salesperson, the right kind of sales training can be invaluable to both company and individual. Making sure your team is armed with the best training can be imperative to its success..

Salesforce Training conducted a range of surveys amongst sales professionals, reporting that adequate sales training can improve individual performance by up to 20%

Despite this, over 50% of managers and employers claim to be too busy with other duties to take the time needed to fully train sales staff or provide experience-based tips to their salespeople.

This is where outsourced sales training agencies can become incredibly useful. The training company will take on the task of training your sales staff to a high standard, allowing internal managers to continue with their commercial tasks.

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The benefits of sales training

There are many benefits to be gained from a thorough and well designed sales training course. These include:

Increased Profitability

Service skills are at the heart of a successful sales team; making sure your team is trained to get optimum results is key to maximising profitability. Leading companies understand that communication with clients is a primary source of maintaining a strong customer base while influencing perceptions relating to the value of the company and its goods and services. This in turn can have a huge influence on realising the potential of both the business and its staff.

Increased Sales

In the last twenty years the Internet has changed sales techniques beyond all recognition and as it continues to transform, a well trained sales team is of the utmost importance. In the past, a well-crafted pitch may have been the primary tool to increase sales but in today’s markets it is far more important to connect with the right buyers and offer services and products that are relevant to them. The ability to find the right clients and pinpoint sales to those most likely to be interested in what you have to sell is a fluid process and one that the correct sales training can help to achieve.

Motivated Staff

Motivation is key to ensuring a proficient and effective team and sales training is paramount in achieving this. Sales training is at its most effective when it can accurately enhance the employee’s knowledge and capabilities. This, in turn, has the effect of making the entire staff feel valued and involved, as well as preventing a sense of boredom that can occur when the job becomes routine. Sales training should never make an employee feel as if they are ticking boxes as knowledge in the field of sales should be both engaging and empowering.

Customer Engagement

A friendly customer service agent can be the most important part of keeping your customers happy, so it should be no surprise to learn that staff that receive the correct training in this field can have a deep impact on customer satisfaction. Support staff require a strong depth of knowledge to engage customers and clients, which can only be achieved with highly skilled and trained staff.

Effective Time-Management

In an ideal world, management would be best equipped to relate the information and training to the sales staff but as this is a time consuming practice, this is rarely possible, particularly not to the highest level. Employing the right sales training company can release management to focus on the minutiae of the business, safe in the knowledge that their sales staff are self-sufficient and confident in their tasks.

The different types of sales training

No sales training can possibly be a one size fits all endeavour. Each business’s size, industry and set-up will affect the type of training it will need to utilise. There are, however, two main categories of sales training to choose from: open and tailored. All courses, no matter which category they fit in, should be customised to suit the needs of your sales force and business.

Open Sales Training

Open sales training is a general form of sales training that should cover the basis of good practice in the sales world. Although not as focused in its structure, it can still pinpoint the weaknesses and blind spots in your staff’s habits and knowledge.

Tailored Sales Training

For staff that already have a good understanding of sales, this form of training is ideal as it focuses their knowledge on industry specifics and the areas that can be of particular use for your business. This can be helpful for those companies who might have fallen behind the curve with the pace of change in both the business and, more specifically, the sales world.

How to choose a sales training course

Once you have decided on the type of course you wish you employ, the next decision is finding a company that supplies it. There are several well renowned companies offering a variety of courses to suit almost any business need. Pareto Law, for example, is one of the largest and most successful in the industry, offering sales training in sectors as diverse as engineering and retail.

One of the best ways to ascertain how good a course is, or to avoid those that are not, is to grasp how customisable the entire course is. The best companies will offer many different ways to mould a course to suit your needs, while those that offer shallow levels of knowledge tend to be those with the least amount of flexibility.

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